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What You Need To Know About Office 365 Government Secret

Since the launch of Office 365 in 2011, Microsoft has significantly expanded its cloud-based productivity solution and ...

Since the launch of Office 365 in 2011, Microsoft has significantly expanded its cloud-based productivity solution and leveraged the advantages of cloud computing to offer more complete and specialized products. One example of this is the new Office 365 Government Secret. Whether you are seeking IT solutions for a government entity or simply interested in learning more, understanding the pros and cons of this software can help you find an informed path forward.

What Is Government Secret?

Depositphotos_62995511_XLAs the name suggests, Office 365 Government Secret is a special skew of Office 365 aimed at government organizations. In particular, it is targeted at entities that have a significant amount of secret or classified data. It provides the cybersecurity toolset to protect and manage that data.

Announced in 2022, Government Secret adds to a number of other government-focused office skews. Not all organizations need the highest level of data protection. However, those that do often find it challenging to source IT solutions that can meet their needs. Microsoft’s offering is significant not just because it is designed for secret data but also because it offers a familiar set of tools from a known and reputable brand.

In most cases, Government Secret will be replacing aging legacy solutions. These on-premises systems may have been sufficient when initially sourced but often struggle to keep up with modern computing needs. Furthermore, as cybersecurity threats become even more widespread and complex, it is important to have a solution that can keep pace. This Office 365 solution offers the adaptability and resiliency that government agencies need.

What Are the Advantages of Using Office 365 Government Secret?

For government entities that need the best in security, there are few solutions that can compete with Government Secret's range of benefits:

  • Built With Security in Mind: All variants of Office 365 are designed to be secure. However, Government Secret received special attention and planning from Microsoft to ensure that it met the most intensive specifications for government needs.
  • Supports Impact Level 6: IL6 is a specification managed by the Department of Defense that governs how information classified up to secret can be handled.
  • Backed by Reliable Azure Infrastructure: The solution is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This brings together cutting-edge cloud technologies with industry-leading management services.
  • Enhanced Onboarding and Auditing: Finding the right solution isn’t just about the technology. Government Secret was also planned to make onboarding and auditing easier for government agencies. This transparency helps to ensure security.
  • Fuels Collaboration on Classified Topics: Although the stand-out benefits of this software are focused on security, the true day-to-day impact is more mundane. It is designed to help teams collaborate on their work, supporting secure collaboration on classified topics.
  • Emphasis on Resiliency: In building this solution, Microsoft identified that the data used on it is typically not just secret but also mission-critical. To accommodate this, resiliency was a central focus throughout the development of the software.

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How Does Office 365 Government Secret Expand the Azure Cloud Family?

Government Secret is not Microsoft’s first foray into serving the productivity needs of the government. There are several other Office 365 variants, including Government Community Clouds and DoD Cloud. The latter is a successor to several other military- and defense-oriented versions of Office.

Through these various skews of Office, Microsoft can serve state and local government, federal agencies, defense industry partners, the Department of Defense and any other government agencies dealing with secret data. In other words, there is something to suit every different level of secrecy in the government.

Additionally, Microsoft offers Azure Government Secret and Top-Secret clouds. These can be used for managing data in the cloud without necessarily using Office. Any organization that needs to manage top levels of cybersecurity can feel confident that Microsoft offers comprehensive solutions. This family of government products also comes with tools that can help with the onboarding process.

Discover the Power of Microsoft Clouds, Including Government Secret and More

Office 365 Government Secret is a great example of how Microsoft can build specialized versions of its cloud-based tools to meet the needs of specific customer types. This can be seen elsewhere in the Microsoft cloud with its multitude of solutions for both small businesses and global enterprises.

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