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What To Know About the Microsoft Cloud Partner Ecosystem Update

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program launch was an exciting leap forward in business software. Even a tech giant such as ...

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program launch was an exciting leap forward in business software. Even a tech giant such as Microsoft can't develop all of the niche specialty programs modern companies require. The Cloud Partner Program opens Microsoft's cloud platform and toolset to contractors, finance professionals, app developers and more, allowing them to partner with Microsoft under careful leadership.

The new Cloud Partner Ecosystem Update improves organization across the platform, adds specializations for partners and gives partners cutting-edge tools to improve their services.

microsoft partner-2The Microsoft Cloud Partner Ecosystem Is Thriving

Over 400,000 partners around the world have joined the Microsoft partner program. In the new update, Microsoft renames this program an "ecosystem" to highlight the natural diversity and breadth of their partners. Expanding the company's software and tech services with independent partners has broadened Microsoft's reach and its share of the as-a-service technology market.

Where does Microsoft go from here? The new Microsoft Cloud Partner Ecosystem Update refines a winning formula. Partners now have access to more tools from Microsoft, including its developing artificial intelligence tools. A greater number of optional specializations and designations for partners to complete makes it easier to stand out in a crowded ecosystem. On the business end, companies can search for more specific expert partners and even examine the social impact and values of potential partners.

Microsoft Leverages Artificial Intelligence Tools for Cloud Partners

The explosion of interest in artificial intelligence business tools pushed Microsoft to innovate its in-house AI suite. Microsoft, abiding by its industry-leading Responsible AI Standard, now uses the impressive ChatGPT program, an artificial "chatbot" capable of holding scripted conversations. Microsoft has integrated this tech into various software offerings, such as Teams and Microsoft Editor.

Microsoft is opening the AI floor to its partners in the new ecosystem update. Partners can now apply for a preview of GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI. GPT-4 is some of the most advanced chat software in the world, and with the new update, Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem partners can build off of this software or use it in their offerings.

Microsoft is also using AI to improve Bing search functionality with predictive text tools. A new AI and Machine Learning specialization can connect companies with partners who are leading the way in this field. Finally, Microsoft is giving partners access to Microsoft 365 Copilot, a set of programs that uses AI to streamline minor tasks during the workday.

Microsoft is quickly becoming a leader in AI technology, outpacing competitors such as Google. Opening up this technology to thousands of partners in the Cloud Partner Ecosystem will drive innovation across the Microsoft Cloud.

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Microsoft Expands Specializations in Business Applications

One major challenge of the Cloud Partner Program was organizing its many partners so that businesses could find the best solutions quickly. Microsoft uses both designations and specializations to sort Cloud partners.

A designation is a partner's general area of expertise, such as Business Applications, Security, Modern Work, Azure or Data & AI. The specialization program is an extra level of specificity. Specializations allow partners to show expertise in a narrow field. Microsoft is adding four new specializations to the Business Applications solution area. These include:

  • Supply chain specialists that use Microsoft 365 Supply Chain to move inventory more effectively and reduce delays
  • Finance specialists that use Microsoft 365 Finance to solve complex problems within a company's finances
  • Service specialists that streamline customer experiences and deliver seamless service solutions 
  • Sales specialists that support growth, reach new customers and transform customer experiences at the point of sale

The new update brings the total number of Business Applications specializations to 28. With such a wide array of proven specialists, a business can easily find the right Microsoft Cloud Partner for any task or situation.

Independent Software Vendors Now Have Designations

The Microsoft partner ecosystem includes both organizations and independent software vendors (individuals or companies that develop and sell their own software). In the launch version of the partner program, however, ISVs lacked designations.

The update adds designations for ISVs to make it easier to find the right independent software solution. These software vendor designations include Retail, Finance, Security, Marketing and more.

Multiparty Private Offers Provide Customized Solutions

Microsoft partners will soon be able to collaborate and offer shared quotes in the cloud marketplace. Multiparty private offers are custom offers that allow partners to join forces when consulting. This can provide all-in-one solutions to tricky problems. While multiparty private offers aren't available yet, they will enter a trial period in the spring of 2023 and become widely available later in the year.

Microsoft Cloud Partners Can Showcase Social Impact

Microsoft is aware that many businesses aim to work closely with companies that share common overall values. A small but important part of the new Microsoft ecosystem update allows partners to showcase their company's values and social impact alongside pure technical or business expertise. New designations will also highlight diverse-led partner businesses to boost their reach.

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Access the Improved Microsoft Cloud Partner Ecosystem

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Ecosystem update shows that Microsoft is investing heavily in the broad reach of its partner program. Microsoft 365 is a dynamic office tool on its own, but the ability to sort through and partner with approved specialized businesses adds massive utility. Cloudficient can help your business migrate to the cloud and take advantage of everything Microsoft has to offer. Contact us to gain access to exciting new developments in business technology.

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