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What Is Yammer and How Can It Help Your Employees?

If you're like most business owners, you are always looking for new ways to improve communication and collaboration ...

If you're like most business owners, you are always looking for new ways to improve communication and collaboration among your employees. You may have heard of Yammer, a social networking platform that can help you do just that. So, what is Yammer, and how can it help your employees?

What Is Yammer?

Closeup of hands of young man in checkered shirt using mobile phone while his partners arguingYammer sounds like a brand-new social network in the market, but it began as an internal communication network in 2008. The company continued to expand its offerings to include polls, Q&As and other features.

Then, in 2012, Microsoft bought the enterprise social network. It then began the process of incorporating it into its Office 365 suite. Years later, this exclusive social media network still serves its original aim: to allow employees to connect, share ideas and collaborate on projects.

How Does Yammer Work?

So, what is Yammer like at work, and how can employees access it? It works within a mobile app or inside a browser as a web app. It provides all the standard features you would expect from a social media network. These include the following:

  • A news feed showcasing content from people in the office
  • The ability to follow specific topics
  • The ability to post comments
  • The ability to join groups
  • Instant, private messaging
  • The ability to share different types of media, such as photos and videos

What Is Yammer Able To Do for Your Company?

When determining whether Yammer can benefit your team, start with the functions. From there, you can determine how your team can use this to improve collaboration and efficiency.

Boost Engagement

Employee engagement has remained an ongoing challenge whether people work remotely or in the office. This platform mimics how most adults have become accustomed to communicating and engaging with content. It also resembles the kinds of distractions employees often turn to for a break, making it an excellent alternative.

Improved Connection

Social connections are one of the top reasons workers hold on to their jobs. An enterprise social network provides the perfect opportunity for workers to improve their relationships, even with employees halfway around the world. Stronger relationships improve employee morale and reduce worker turnover.

Faster Response Times

When workers want to address a general matter as quickly as possible, they can post it on Yammer. This could range from finding out who wants to attend the company luncheon to holding a vote on whether the company should adopt casual Fridays. These posts receive quick responses from colleagues.

Improved Efficiency

Did you know that 67% of workers believe too-frequent meetings get in the way of work? Using Yammer to handle large-scale communication can significantly reduce the time spent on phone calls and conferences. For example, a voting process would take several minutes on a call. It takes one click on Yammer, followed by a future update.

Better Corporate Communication

Your nicely formatted newsletter likely has low reading rates among employees. Most workers file this away to read it later and then never find time to get back to it. What is Yammer going to do to improve this? You can post more concise corporate information there to cover more ground.

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Better Collaboration

Working together has become increasingly challenging in remote and hybrid work situations. Using social media can simplify this exponentially by making it easy to share ideas and files in one place. Teams and departments can create groups, and workers can follow the topics that matter.

Improved Security

Yammer uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication. The social network integrates with your organization's existing security infrastructure, including single sign-on and Active Directory. This integration allows administrators to manage user access and permissions centrally. Also, because this is a closed network, only users that have access to the corporate domain can use it.

Broader Mentorship Opportunities

Providing a mentor for every employee who wants one is nothing short of a miracle. Still, this doesn't mean companies should forego mentorship and professional growth opportunities. Professionals can use Q&A sessions to answer questions workers might have and direct them to tools that ensure further success.

How Does Cloudficient Help You Access Yammer?

To use Yammer and a wide range of collaborative and productivity apps, you need to migrate to the cloud. Our migration specialists at Cloudficient have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to the cloud.

When you upgrade to the cloud, you can use Yammer to encourage more open communication among your employees. This can lead to better collaboration and a more productive workforce. Are you ready to see the answer to "what is Yammer" in action?

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