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5 Ways To Improve Your PowerPoint Designs With the Designer Tool

Microsoft PowerPoint has long been synonymous with digital slideshows. Whether projected in a meeting room or streamed ...

Microsoft PowerPoint has long been synonymous with digital slideshows. Whether projected in a meeting room or streamed over Teams, PowerPoint makes it easy to create professional and effective presentations. With the Designer tool, you can make more impressive PowerPoint designs than ever before.

The Feature That Will Make You a PowerPoint Design Pro

For a long time, PowerPoint has made creating attractive presentations easier. However, while the tools may be there, many of us are not professional designers and may struggle to create truly impressive slideshows. Fortunately, there is the PowerPoint Designer feature. This AI-assisted tool provides suggestions that will help you improve your presentations. Simply open the designer feature and pick an option from the custom-suggested list.

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Activating PowerPoint Designer

5 Ways To Improve Your PowerPoint Designs With the Designer ToolGetting design tips is easy. In PowerPoint, open the “Design” ribbon then select “Design Ideas” under the “Designer” section. If this isn’t visible, check that you have an active Microsoft 365 subscription. You may also need to turn on Office connected experiences in the “Account Privacy” section of your account settings.

How Designer Will Improve Your Presentations

PowerPoint Designer makes it easier to create eye-catching and effective presentations. The following are a few ways its suggestions can help.

1. Pre-Made Professional Layouts Tailored to You

When you click to get design ideas, the software detects what you are working on and gives you suggestions for how to lay things out well. For example, it can find pictures, charts and tables that you have entered and make recommendations to help you achieve an attractive overall look for your slideshow.

This works even if you haven’t entered anything into your presentation. Designer can give you slide layouts and design templates to help you get started.

2. Stock Images, Animations and More

Starting your presentation off with a visual bang is usually a great idea. It helps to get your audience’s attention and establish the tone of the rest of your presentation. Using PowerPoint Designer, you can get various stock images, animations and other great graphics to make your slides more eye-catching and interesting.

This is especially helpful for the title slide. Designer may suggest high-quality photos based on the title of your presentation. These are automatically selected to help make your presentation fit together aesthetically. If you want to add an image to a later slide, you can use the design ideas again. The software makes sure you find visuals that fit with your title slide and the rest of your presentation.

3. Suggested Visualizations To Make Your Presentations Shine

Cutting down on the amount of text in your presentation can help make it shine. With design ideas from PowerPoint Designer, you can add more visualizations to your slides. For example, if you have a slide listing key dates for a project, the system may suggest an automatically generated timeline visual. This can turn a relatively dull slide into a clear, concise and engaging visualization of your ideas.

You may already be familiar with Microsoft Office’s visualization tools. These can help you build more attractive lists and process diagrams and similar elements. However, a lot of people get stuck in using one or two generic diagrams (if any). With PowerPoint Designer, it is easier to branch out and find new and exciting ways to represent your content.

4. Enhanced Image Cropping and Positioning

Getting your photos just right in your presentation can be a little challenging, being a “know it when you see it” thing for a lot of people. With design ideas from Office 365, you will know it right away. The feature automatically suggests ways to better incorporate your images with cropping, positioning and color correction. It can make the difference between a few photos awkwardly added to slides and a beautiful and cohesive slideshow.

5. Design Ideas That Adapt as You Create

Perhaps the most important aspect of PowerPoint Designer is the fact that it updates and adapts as you work. The more content you add to your presentation, the better the suggestions. Even adding a title immediately fine-tunes the recommendations. This is a truly intelligent piece of technology.

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