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More Efficiency With This Update To Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud revolutionized the way workers around the world organized and shared company files. Dropbox, ...

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud revolutionized the way workers around the world organized and shared company files. Dropbox, Google and others had offered similar services before, but using cloud services outside of the Microsoft ecosystem led to a fragmented user experience. Microsoft’s improved cloud services helped resolve the issue. Still, it didn’t change the fact that workers were starting to have a hard time organizing files and figuring out what they shared with who.

‘Recommended Files’ Has Been Added To Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

Microsoft has provided a brand-new update for summer 2021 that will solve this problem. The software giant says it will now showcase recommended files in various sections of the Office products. Workers will access this from the start page or File tab for Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

More Efficiency With This Update To Microsoft Office 365 CloudMicrosoft will turn to key indicators to determine which files might be of the most significance to you. Including the following:

  • Files with comments made by you or people you interact with
  • Files you or people you interact with have recently or frequently edited
  • Files that may mention you or people you interact with

The recommended file cards will also include similar information, so you can better determine if the file is relevant to your needs. For example, it will show who last edited the file, what the person did to it, and when the changes occurred. 

Microsoft baked machine learning into the DNA of the bots responsible for figuring out what you want to see to make things even better. Consequently, the bots will become better at organizing recommended files in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Workers Can Still Override the Microsoft Office 365 Bots

Every so often, the recommended files displayed might not be files you care to see. Or, you may find that after completing a project, Microsoft continues to show you files you already finished working on from the week before. 

In these instances, you can simply remove the file from the list of recommendations. Here’s how:

  1. Hover your mouse icon over the file you want to remove from the list.
  2. Select the ellipses icon that suggests “More Options.”
  3. Choose “Remove From List.”

You can also change the way the recommended tiles appear. The default setting will show an expanded version of the tile, but you can choose to minimize it.

‘Recommended Files’ Will Bring New Benefits to the Table for Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

No algorithm is perfect, and even a great formula could never account for the different ways each corporation, team, or person will value specific files. However, the primary indicators will make it easier to find the documents you access most often without needing to dig through individual folders. Machine learning will also help to fill in many of the initial gaps.

Easier Shared File Organization

This is especially important when you consider that some of the files you have access to are not stored in your folders. For example, you may have access to one file of dozens in someone else’s locked folder. This could make it so much more difficult to find specific items when you need them.

Faster Approvals

Managers often have the most difficult time keeping track of files and accessing the documents that workers and other managers share with them or need them to sign off. Because recommended files include documents that mention them, it might become even easier to keep track of the most relevant documents. These might include the following:

  • Invoices
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation slides
  • Pitches for investors
  • Inspection forms
  • Vacation requests

Good Cybersecurity Backup

Ideally, Microsoft Office 365 Cloud isn’t your main cybersecurity plan, but it does provide good information. The recommended file cards will show who accesses particular files. If you notice unauthorized or unlikely persons accessing sensitive information, then this should sound the alarm bells. It can also make it easier to notice when suspicious activities are playing out internally, such as fraud.

This Is How You Access Microsoft Office Recommended Files

Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security conceptThe recommended file feature is only available for corporations that have Microsoft 365 products installed. This means that while it is ultimately developed to help cloud customers better organize their information, you might not need to have cloud access right away to get started. In fact, as mentioned earlier, it works well with SharePoint.

However, companies that have already migrated to the cloud stand to benefit the most from this new feature.

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