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6 Reasons Your Team Should Use Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage solution from Microsoft aimed at businesses of all sizes. It is ...

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage solution from Microsoft aimed at businesses of all sizes. It is designed to work closely with Windows, SharePoint and Office 365. For teams that are using Microsoft products, OneDrive is a great addition. The following are six reasons why your team should seriously think about adopting this cloud solution.

Elegant young waiter serving cloud technology concept1. Microsoft OneDrive for Business Is Easy To Use

Perhaps the most significant benefit of OneDrive for most users is that it is straightforward to use. The interface is well-designed and intuitive. As a result, anyone who knows how to use a typical computer file system can quickly get started with OneDrive. Plus, all the core functionality is either intuitive or happens without user intervention.

The upshot of this is that teams can implement Microsoft OneDrive for Business into their workflows without spending a lot of time educating users. Plus, there will be fewer mistakes and misunderstandings of the system. That translates to greater productivity and less frustration.

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2. It Integrates Easily With Office 365

Many business teams are already using Microsoft Office to create various types of documents. Many of the standard features of Office 365 are even better when combined with OneDrive. In addition, these two systems are designed to work together, so integration is effortless.

Since the initial release of Office 365, Microsoft has made integration and centralization a top priority. This is especially obvious with Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Teams can work fluidly with the applications they already know to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

3. Excellent Support for File Creation, Collaboration, Presentation and Management

Collaboration is at the heart of business. OneDrive makes it easier for teams to create, collaborate, present and organize files. While functioning mostly like the Windows filesystem, OneDrive allows for fast and easy sharing and synchronizing of files.

Plus, OneDrive works well with other core Microsoft tools, such as Teams. If you want to work together on a document during a meeting, you can easily pull it up. Alternatively, you can collaborate in a chat. If you need to make a presentation in a virtual meeting, that is easy too.

4. Autosaving, Versioning, and Delete Protection

Many business teams implement cloud solutions in part to deal with file protection issues. Unfortunately, people make mistakes sometimes and accidentally deleted documents are a problem as old as Office itself. Fortunately, Microsoft OneDrive for Business has some great features for addressing these issues.

First, Office applications editing files saved on OneDrive will autosave regularly. So the next time a team member has a power outage or accidentally closes Word, the document will already have been saved automatically. This is also important when documents are being worked on by multiple team members. Second, there is version control with several iterations of each document available for easy rollbacks. Furthermore, since every user has a personal OneDrive recycling bin, it is easy to recover accidentally deleted files.

5. Ideal for Remote Working

designer hand working and smart phone and laptop on wooden desk in office with london city backgroundIncreasingly, workers are seeking opportunities that let them work from home. Plus, remote working lets companies hire talented people from all around the globe. Using Microsoft OneDrive for Business makes it easier for business teams to collaborate remotely. It provides high data availability and instant access to files no matter where the user is located.

Using OneDrive, a team made up of workers in different continents can co-author a document. Better yet, they can easily meet using Teams and actively work together simultaneously. This not only lets employees work the way that works best for them, but it also will help your business be ready for disrupted operations and business continuity.

6. Ready for All Devices

Finally, OneDrive is designed to work on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. There are native applications for all these operating systems. There are even applications for Linux based operating systems. Plus, it can be accessed via a browser along with the Office 365 browser apps. This cross-device compatibility means that your team can work more easily, no matter which devices they prefer to use. Choosing to use OneDrive as your business’s cloud file storage means streamlining your team’s productivity.

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Migrate Your Team to Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive for Business and the rest of the Microsoft cloud can help your team become more efficient and collaborate more easily. For many businesses, these advantages are very attractive, but fear of moving to a new system can be a major roadblock. Cloudficient can help you with the Office 365 onboarding process, including moving your legacy systems to a new, cloud-based infrastructure

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