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Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Process Modeling

How well do you know the total inner workings and functions of your business? If a manager called out sick tomorrow, ...

How well do you know the total inner workings and functions of your business? If a manager called out sick tomorrow, would you be able to step in to manage critical business functions? What about if that manager left the business for good? These are some of the difficult questions faced by managers in a time with unprecedented turnover rates. Microsoft business process modeling can help you fill the gap so you can ensure continuity. 

Why Your Business Needs Process Modeling

Why-Your-Business-Needs-Microsoft-Process-ModelingWhen you first created your business, your focus was likely on designing the product or service. The tasks that erupted behind this were likely treated as a means to an end. Now that your operations have become more complex, it’s time to consider business process modeling.


Whether it’s the owner of the company or a long time employee who best understands the core operations of the business, it needs to be documented for succession planning. This makes it easier for the business to transition to new leadership and for the company to grow and to hire new workers. Proper documentation can also improve business agility.

Human Resources

If you have a separate human resources department, your HR manager likely works closely with other managers to determine vacancies and hiring needs. HR managers can use business process modeling information to better plan job functions, expand roles and describe job vacancies. It also makes onboarding and training a lot easier.


Employees perform much better when they have a stronger understanding of their jobs and where they fit into the grand scheme of things. When everyone has at least a basic understanding of each other’s job functions, it can improve teamwork and overall productivity. Empowered and informed employees also tend to be more creative and are in a better position to meet and exceed customer needs.


When HR specialists and other managers have access to business processes information, they can look for inefficiencies or redundancies and eliminate them. Sometimes, this means restructuring job positions or job functions. It can also help managers detect inefficiencies in how specific tasks are executed.

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Why Choose Microsoft Business Process Modeling

There are many ways to complete business process modeling. These include hiring professionals to map the process manually. Microsoft provides a more cost-effective solution known as business process modeling notation.

Create Diagrams Easily

When you use Microsoft Visio, creating professional diagrams is a breeze. This eliminates the need for you to hire certified project managers to review your business process and map out your business process. Microsoft Visio costs only $5 to $15 per user per month. Depending on your business size and needs, this can save you thousands of dollars over hiring a project manager.

Translate Excel Information

If you already have company operations information in spreadsheet form, you can import that into Visio. Then, you can visualize this information in diagram format. After this, both pieces of information are linked. If you update the information in the spreadsheet, the diagram automatically updates as well.

Adjust Detail

Your operations manager may need diagrams with every small detail included. In contrast, new hires may only need to know the basics of the work completed by their teammates. Microsoft business process modeling makes it easy for managers to adjust the level of detail for different viewers.

Work as a Team

Some organizations have found that it is best to let each department map out its business processes. The trouble lies in combining the information, thereafter. Microsoft Visio makes it easy to edit and share documents. It is also easy to split up the workload and combine the results in the end via cloud computing.

Automate Work Processes

Microsoft Visio does not automate work processes, but it integrates with Microsoft Flow. You can then use Microsoft Flow to automate many of the business processes that have become repetitive, time-consuming and boring. This allows you to better allocate your human resources to tasks that require creativity and human intelligence.

Access Resources

Microsoft Visio includes helpful resources that managers and employees can count on. The first is a beginner’s guide with best practices for people to follow when mapping out business processes. Next is office support, so people can learn how to create BMPN-compliant diagrams. Finally, it also integrates with Power BI to provide even more detailed insights.

How To Access Microsoft Business Process Modeling

Microsoft Visio belongs to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. That means that businesses will need to migrate to the cloud to access Microsoft business process modeling and other key features. Our professionals have completed dozens of successful migrations and look forward to tackling yours.

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