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Microsoft Defender Update Lets Admins Prioritize Accounts

If you use the Windows operating system, you're likely already familiar with Microsoft Defender. This built-in ...

If you use the Windows operating system, you're likely already familiar with Microsoft Defender. This built-in antivirus software just received an update that allows administrators to prioritize threat protection. This is excellent news for business owners and other users who want to feel confident that they have the best possible protection.

Shocked young business woman using laptop looking at computer screen blown away in stupor sitting outside corporate office. Human face expression, emotion, feeling, perception, body language, reactionWhat Is Microsoft Defender?

Defender is a free antivirus software offered by Microsoft to protect your computer from various online threats. The program continues to receive updates from Microsoft as it finds new threats. One of its most recent updates makes it easier for admins to prioritize which critical users get priority level protection.

What Is Priority Account Protection?

In 2020, Microsoft launched priority account protection for Defender. This allows administrators to mark some high-risk users as priority accounts. Users can fall into high-risk categories for these and other factors:

  • Position in the company
  • Confidential data handled or accessible from the account
  • Direct contact with consumers and external accounts

Microsoft made it possible to use these accounts as system tags. These tags become helpful for alerts, investigations and reports. With the new update, these accounts now receive an even higher level of protection.

What Are the Additional Features of Microsoft Defender Priority Account Protection?

When you activate this protection, Microsoft shows you three main features that it turns on:

  1. Visual signs for emails sent to priority-level accounts
  2. More in-depth analysis of detonation results
  3. Additional heuristics and machine learning capabilities

Microsoft also focused on releasing a few new related capabilities with this update:

  • Investigate assaults on important accounts while they are still within the quarantine.
  • Treat priority submissions and other tagged submissions differently.
  • Add user tags as conditions to custom alert policies.  
  • Display higher-priority accounts within the Compromised Users report.
  • In an Attack simulation exercise, you can assign tags to specific users.

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Why Does Priority Account Protection Matter for Your Business?

Your most high-value accounts deserve the best protection. What are the real-life benefits of affording this kind of protection to those accounts?

  • Stay one step ahead of hackers. As you know, hackers are constantly looking for new ways to break into systems. They're also constantly trying to find ways to get around security measures. With the new priority account protection, you can stay one step ahead of them.
  • Improve detection and response time. Another benefit of this Microsoft Defender update is that you can detect and respond to threats more quickly. This is because machine learning algorithms now know how to look for more specific types of threats.
  • Improve usability. This update makes it easier for you to manage your security settings. You can now do everything from one central location, saving you time and effort.
  • Reduce cybersecurity costs. Windows Defender is free, so it can help you reallocate your capital if you have a tight budget. That said, cybersecurity should always remain a top concern.
  • Maintain customer trust. Consumers increasingly view data breaches as inevitable, but these incidents still break trust. By protecting your high-value accounts, you reduce the risk of dealing with instances like these.
  • Reduce the risk of ransom. Ransomware can cost companies millions of dollars per incident and there is no guarantee they won't strike a second time. From 2019 to 2021, the average ransom demand rose from $761,000 to $2.09 million. Added protection from Microsoft can significantly reduce this risk.

How Can You Configure Microsoft Defender Priority Account Protection?

Microsoft uses machine learning to recommend priority-level account protection. However, admins can manually toggle this setting. You'll need to be an administrator on the Defender for Endpoints portal. After logging in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Email and Collaboration.
  3. Select Priority Account Protection.
  4. Turn on Priority Account Protection.

What Role Does Cloud Migration Play in Microsoft Priority Account Protection?

The cloud has become an increasingly popular target for hackers. The good news is that Microsoft Priority Account Protection can help you mitigate these risks.

When you migrate to the cloud, you'll have access to more robust security features. For example, you can take advantage of advanced machine learning algorithms. You also benefit from real-time threat detection and response. Additionally, because the cloud is constantly evolving, you always have access to the latest and greatest security features. Therefore, if you're looking to improve your security posture, migrating to the cloud is a wise move.

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