What is Context IQ and How can it Help Your Company Workflow

Companies have spent the past two years grappling with changes to the workforce. Now that most businesses have adjusted ...

Companies have spent the past two years grappling with changes to the workforce. Now that most businesses have adjusted to remote work and hybrid work realities, it’s time to reconstruct company workflow to ensure efficiency. Microsoft introduced Context IQ with exactly this goal in mind. So, how can your workers use it to speed up work processes and reduce distractions?

What Is Context IQ?

What-is-Context-IQ-and-How-can-it-Help-Your-Company-WorkflowFor some time, tech companies have worked hard to teach bots the importance of context in everything from SEO to autocorrections. Microsoft took this a step further by introducing more advanced contextual skills to Microsoft Editor. This provides the following features:

  • Suggests documents and files when you try to attach or insert a file
  • Leverages Microsoft Graph to recommend available times when you start to schedule a meeting via an Outlook email
  • Facilitates use of the @ symbol to make it easy to add someone to an email or tag workers in comments

How Does Context IQ Help Company Workflow?

Companies have adopted far more complex operational methods now compared to years past. This has disrupted the established workflows managers created and improved over time. It’s time to go back to the drawing board. However, Context IQ also addressed some much older issues employees struggled with.

1. Reduced Multitasking

Millions of people will tell you they work better when they multitask. While this might be true for a select few, for most workers, multitasking disrupts workplace efficiency. Forbes estimates that switching between multiple apps throughout the workday costs 32 days per year in productivity loss. Context IQ reduces the need to search for people, documents and calendars.

2. Reduced Interruptions

Forbes reports that when workers suffer interruptions, it takes about 23 minutes before they can focus and concentrate again. Employers might think of family phone calls and Facebook notifications, but work itself can have a wealth of distractions. For example, an employee working on the quarterly report could be disrupted by emails or chat notifications. By reducing the need to juggle multiple apps, Context IQ reduces the risk of distractions.

3. Improved Connections

Company workflow disruption often happens when people miss important messages and document comments because other workers forget to tag them. Because Context IQ reduces the friction in the process of adding and tagging people, workers will become less likely to commit this error. This will reduce miscommunication and missed communication, which improves productivity all across the board.

4. Better Schedule Management

Organizing meetings via email is not always ideal, but it’s sometimes necessary. Reaching out to determine whether one is needed and what the attendees’ availability looks like is crucial to success. The fact that Context IQ makes it easy to determine availability for workers reduces the likelihood of people double-booking themselves or needing to switch apps to check calendars.

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Why Is Context IQ and Company Workflow Improvement Important?

Chromebooks rank among the lowest-cost computers on the market today. In spite of this, they are often packed with specs that consumers only get from high-end Macs and Windows devices. Still, they do not have the same capabilities as their competitors and lack many traditional PC features.

In spite of this, organizations that want to reduce costs and that have very specific needs have adopted the Chromebooks as part of their business models. These laptops are created specifically for cloud computing. So, as the tech market evolves into a cloud computing era, they have become solid competitors for Windows and Mac. 

In fact, in 2021, BBC reported that Chromebooks overtook the Mac market for the first time. The Chromebook market share is now set to compete with Windows. This has compelled Windows to advance its cloud computing offers, which is great news for its users.

Introducing more cloud computing features to Microsoft Editor allows companies who need Office products to leverage the productivity tools used by competitors on Chromebooks. This doesn’t only improve the competitive advantage of Windows but also the companies that rely on its operating system and products.

How Can Cloudficient Help You Improve Company Workflow?

To unlock the true potential of Microsoft, you need to migrate to the cloud. Context IQ and several other top-tier productivity features are only available to Office 365 users. If your business has not yet migrated to the cloud, disruptions to your service might rank among the top concerns you have.

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