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5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Project To Organize Your Team

Project management is one of the key challenges of any workplace. Without the right tool, it can be difficult to keep ...

Project management is one of the key challenges of any workplace. Without the right tool, it can be difficult to keep tasks and deadlines organized for a single person, let alone for a full team. Fortunately, Microsoft Projects can help you to keep your team organized, on task and on time. The following are five benefits of using this project management software.

5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Project To Organize Your Team1. Microsoft Projects Keeps Your Projects on Time

Perhaps the single most important benefit of any project management tool is that it creates a central place to record tasks and deadlines. Even a simple Excel spreadsheet is better than trying to keep track with just emails and chat messages. Of course, Projects is much more advanced than a spreadsheet. It lets everyone see what needs to happen to get the project done.

You can set start and finish dates and durations, assign team members to tasks and establish task dependencies. Plus, there are different views, including a task grid, Kanban board and timeline. With all that information and several powerful views, it is easy for everyone to stay up to date and on task.

2. It Makes Organizing Your Team’s Work Easy

Of course, any project management system is only useful if it is used properly by your team. In fact, poor adoption is the most common reason for project management solutions failing. Fortunately, Microsoft Projects makes this easy for your team. The system is extremely easy to use, even for people who are not technological or project management experts.

Projects and tasks can be created with a few clicks and a few keystrokes. Dates and team member assignments can be set and edited quickly from a simple interface. In short, the whole system is streamlined and optimized to make working easy. It is also flexible, working the way your team likes to work, not the other way around.

3. Projects Gives You the Insight To Make Informed Decisions

With multiple views, clear project updates and plenty of analytics, Microsoft Projects helps increase the visibility of what is working and what isn’t. This translates to more informed decision-making and superior long-term results.

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If you want to take things even further, you can drill down into the details using Power BI visualization. You can discover bottlenecks, inefficiencies and redundancies. The more you explore the data about your projects and work, the better equipped you are to improve the way you work.

4. It Lets You Build the Right Experience for Your Team

For a project management tool to be helpful, it needs to integrate smoothly with a project management methodology that suits your team. Most solutions on the market are very restrictive about how you work. Microsoft Projects is different; it gives you the flexibility you need to create an experience that is right for you. You can build desktop and mobile experiences and automate your workflows.

You can interact with your projects and tasks in a variety of ways. If you are best served by a grid of

 tasks, you can use that view. If you prefer to think about projects like a Gantt chart or project roadmap, the timeline view will help you. Plus, you can interact with Microsoft Projects through Teams, so teams that like to operate on a more ad-hoc, communicative basis can easily stay organized through their existing chats and channels.

5. Microsoft Projects Integrates Easily With Your Other Tools

Arguably the greatest benefit of Projects is that it is a Microsoft product. The brand’s modern philosophy is that the full ecosystem should work together harmoniously. If you are using Microsoft 365, you can integrate Microsoft Projects with many of your existing software solutions. In particular, Teams makes it easy to discuss projects and hold meetings to stay organized.

Projects also works well with SharePoint, Power BI, Azure and other platforms. Similarly, since the design language of Projects is the same as that used by other Microsoft products, your team members will be immediately familiar with the Projects interface.

Get More Done With Microsoft Projects and the 365 Cloud

You can keep your team’s work more organized by using Microsoft Projects. It was first commercially released in 1984 and has been in constant use by myriad businesses ever since. The above five benefits are just a few of the reasons why Projects continues to be so popular.

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