Petabytes of Compliance Mail Journal Data – Part II

In the first part of my blog we’ve covered the challenges of Contoso, an example customer based on the input of various ...

In the first part of my blog we’ve covered the challenges of Contoso, an example customer based on the input of various enterprise customers with archives containing multiple petabytes of data who are seeking to retire their legacy on-premise infrastructure.

To summarize: Maintaining the status quo is expensive and presents many technical and business challenges. Migrating the legacy data to a cloud archive provider takes many years and yields a negative ROI due to prolonged double licenses and high migration costs. Commonly, the result is that the lack of ROI stalls the move to adequate technology and puts critical data at risk on aging infrastructure. A classical lose – lose situation!

In this part of the blog, I would like you to introduce you to Cloudficient Expireon, which we believe is not only the answer to the challenge above but also solves many other pain points as organizations transition through the enterprise lifecycle.


Expireon is a cost-effective, secure and sustainable data expiration technology built on our ReMAD Platform, which is able to extract data very fast from legacy archiving systems and other repositories while maintaining full chain-of custody. During extraction, required custodian and other metadata information is parsed and persisted. Expireon then stores the legacy data in its native format on customer-provided cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.) and/or on-prem storage (EMC ECS, Hitachi HCP, etc.) or uses Cloudficient’s FINRA/SEC/HIPAA compliant, S3 compatible cloud storage which is currently available in seven Level 4 datacenters around the world.

After extraction, Expireon delivers the required data on-demand based on custodians and timeframes to the cloud-archive vendor, legal discovery/forensics tool or external counsel of choice.

And how will that help?

Ok, let’s get back to Contoso and their challenges. Let’s assume that they decided to go with a Cloud Archive solution like Proofpoint, Smarsh or Global Relay. Expireon would help Contoso retire Enterprise Vault in less than a year while routing priority data to the relevant Cloud Archive solution. Lower priority data could optionally be migrated next or left in Expireon for disposition under desired retention policies while access is maintained with delivery on-demand as required.

The 5 Year Expireon_5yTCO-1TCO solution comparison for Contoso seen in the chart below is intriguing – at approximately half the cost of keeping Enterprise Vault as is and a third of the cost of migrating everything to a Cloud Archive solution, Expireon offers a clear path to a tangible ROI.


Another question that’s often overlooked – what happens if Contoso wants to switch the Cloud Archive solution and want their data back in 5 years? With the ability to (optionally) take a journal safety copy, Expireon ensures Contoso has a copy of it’s own data independently of any Cloud Archive solution and may switch technologies at any time.

Is your organization in a similar situation to Contoso, check out the Expireon technology page or contact us to discuss further!

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