What To Look for in Law eDiscovery Processing Software

Law firms worldwide are becoming increasingly accustomed to managing eDiscovery processing software requests. Some ...

Law firms worldwide are becoming increasingly accustomed to managing eDiscovery processing software requests. Some firms still rely on outdated manual processes, but innovative companies have turned to technology. Firms have no shortage of options on the market. Knowing what to look for can help them find a compatible product that meets all their needs. Here are some features law firms should prioritize.

Key Takeaways

  • Firms should prioritize software that is easy-to-use, flexible in deployment options, has fast deployment times, fast processing speed, supports multiple file formats, and has advanced analytics features
  • It is important for law firms to understand different deployment options and clarify deployment times with vendors before making a commitment
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools can help law firms improve their processes and make more informed decisions about allocating resources.

Easy-to-Use eDiscovery Processing Software Interface

ediscovery software - stockLaw has not experienced the same radical technological transformation as other fields. This profession has relied more on experience, legal knowledge and negotiation skills than technology to win cases and please clients. Consequently, lawyers may be at a slight technological disadvantage compared to professionals in other fields.

Law firms can work around this by choosing user-friendly eDiscovery processing software. Every firm or law department should prioritize systems that are easy to use. Doing so can save the time and money the company would otherwise need to spend on configurations and training.

Flexible Deployment Options

Law firms often require software that they can deploy in multiple environments. Allowing users to access the database anywhere is vital for companies that want to share data and collaborate with external parties like court systems. Cloud-based options are also becoming more popular because they enable remote access that even mobile devices can accommodate.

Some vendors offer cloud storage as an add-on service, but others have made it a primary option for most consumers. It is essential for law firms to understand which deployment methods are available before making a commitment.

Fast Deployment

Law enforcement is a fast-paced field, and law firms that do not keep up with quick technological changes may risk losing valuable business deals. Firms often work with high-risk clients and need immediate responsiveness from their partners. Switching from one system to another requires too much time.

Vendors of eDiscovery processing software offer different deployment times for customers based on configurations and package choices. Consequently, it is essential to clarify these details as soon as possible before choosing the right partner in an eDiscovery project.

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Fast Processing Speed

Law eDiscovery software should be fast enough for organizations that need to analyze thousands of gigabytes of data within minutes after receiving an eDiscovery request. This quality is especially relevant for companies that work with real-time analytics or require immediate responses from their partners.

It's all a matter of balancing and evaluating what quality features a law firm needs most. Note that the speed of the software also depends on the processing speed of the devices used to access it.

Multiple File Formats Supported

One of the main benefits of eDiscovery platforms is their ability to support multiple file formats without issue. Such platforms allow users to convert data into an accessible format. They also ensure data formats are compatible with the applicable software.

Most eDiscovery processing software support various file types, but they may not support all possible variants of a particular type. For example, some only accept specific versions of Microsoft Office documents or other standard files such as PDFs. Knowing what file types to expect can help law firms determine the option that fits their needs best and reduce the risk of encountering compatibility problems in the future.

Advanced Analytics Features

Law firms stand to benefit from any analytic tools that improve overall process efficiency and quality control. Lawyers and other staff should be able to access reporting tools that provide key metrics on costs per case, average per-document review time and even team performance metrics. Such information can help firms improve their processes and make more informed decisions about allocating resources.

Many advanced analytics features are now available as standard offerings. However, some vendors charge extra for this feature or only offer it at specific subscription levels. It is crucial to know in advance what these systems can do so personnel can utilize them effectively when the need arises.

Powerful Data Security

When it comes to choosing eDiscovery processing software, data security is paramount. Law firms must protect personal information and other sensitive details at all times in the event of a potential breach or leak. In most cases, the software vendors offer robust encryption standards to ensure that this information remains secure through all access points.

One American Bar Association survey of law firms found that 25% of respondents had experienced a data breach. Consequently, lawyers must ensure that each vendor protects their clients' data from unauthorized access during storage, transfer and retrieval.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Looking for advanced search capabilities in the law eDiscovery software is important. Such features can help firms reduce the time spent on discovery and make it easier to find critical information quickly. They also make sure data remains relevant and valuable over time.

Some platforms' predictive search capabilities suggest keywords or terms based on previous searches. Others may let you save frequently used searches as templates so they are easily accessible later. These features may not seem very important at first glance. However, they can be invaluable when processing large volumes of data quickly and accurately.

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eDiscovery Processing Software Access

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