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Cloudficient works with partners and customers in the enterprise and large enterprise space, empowering digital ...

Cloudficient works with partners and customers in the enterprise and large enterprise space, empowering digital transformation. We orchestrate cloud onboarding/offboarding, compliance migrations, data expiration and mergers and acquisitions and handle these transitions as a business process, end-to-end. We understand the risks organizations face with these projects and have developed and implemented technologies and methodologies designed to remove as much risk upfront as possible. Cloudficient understands the risks facing our partners when they introduce a third party to customers with who they have built a trusted relationship with over months and years of working together.

Key Takeaways

  • We work with partners and customers in the enterprise and large enterprise space to help with digital transformation.
  • We handle cloud onboarding/offboarding, compliance migrations, data expiration and mergers and acquisitions as an end-to-end business process.
  • The company has technologies and methodologies to reduce risks organizations face with these projects.
  • We offer latest generation, born in the cloud solutions that are built on open-source standards and Kubernetes.
  • Cloudficient offers no-cost, no-commitment proof of concepts on every project to reduce risk and raise customer confidence.

Cloudficient has the most experienced team in the industry. When combined with our unique approach, we build confidence with our partners and customers that they are choosing the best solutions available today. This blog will cover the different ways we reduce risk while increasing customer confidence.

Business colleagues shaking handsBorn in the cloud technology

Have you ever gone into your refrigerator to make a sandwich and realized the mustard you’ve been using for years has finally expired and is no longer usable? The same thing happens with technology. How do software vendors adapt? Large organizations like Microsoft continuously update and develop their solutions to avoid becoming stale in the market. Smaller, more specialized software houses don’t have the resources or capital to endlessly improve, instead opting to maintain what currently exists with patches and bug fixes.

Over a long enough period of time, technology reaches the dreaded state of being obsolete, eclipsed by newer more clever solutions and processes. Cloudficient provides the latest generation, born in the cloud solutions, to empower digital transformation. We have chosen open-source standards paired with the scalability of Kubernetes to offer not only the fastest and most scalable solutions but also give us the ability to easily adapt and evolve for years to come. Hardware requirements from the customer are minimal and paired with our cloud-based technology, we can deploy quickly and cost-effectively, saving both time and money on the project while eliminating risk.

Always do a POC

Customers love proof of concepts – they request them all the time. The reason is simple: they reduce risk associated with their projects. Being able to test a proposed solution in their own environment, using their own data can give peace of mind and raise customer confidence that they are choosing the right solution and vendor. Cloudficient believes that experience should be available to all customers, and that is why we offer no-cost, no-commitment proof of concepts on every project. We are the only vendor in this space to make that offer. We can make that offer because of how confident we are that partners and customers will have a great experience working with us. And our platform can be deployed quickly and easily using our born in the cloud technology.

Fixed Price, Fixed Outcome

Customers want to know the total investment they are committing to for a specific project/initiative, and they hate surprises. Cloudficient takes the time to talk with our partners and customers to fully understand the unique needs of each project and design the best approach for all parties. Once the approach has been agreed, Cloudficient provides fixed-price, fixed-outcome proposals to give all parties a clear understanding of the investment they are about to make. No gotchas, no gimmicks, no hidden fees - just predictable pricing for predictable outcomes delivered as end-to-end services. Not only does this reduce financial risk for the customer, but it’s another way to build confidence in the vendor and solution they are selecting.

Flexible payment options

Most companies that offer a fixed price, fixed outcome solution use a capital expenditure (CAPEX) model. CAPEX models involve taking on a business expense today that can benefit a business for years to come. In the case of data migration, organizations will procure licenses, subscriptions, or packages potentially requiring a large up-front charge or milestone payments before any data migration begins. The challenge is that some organizations do not have a CAPEX budget to dedicate to a migration, or they need to delay projects to properly plan for the migration costs.

Additionally, many organizations prefer to use an operating expense (OPEX) model, which is an increasingly common trend in parallel with a move to cloud technologies. For these customers, Cloudficient offers flexible fixed price, fixed outcome proposals. This model requires no upfront payment and allows organizations to pay-as-you-go with monthly or quarterly invoices for migration work that has been completed. This is yet another way customers can reduce the risk of their migration project.

Cloudficient offers many unique approaches to legacy email migrations to Microsoft 365 that allow partners to differentiate themselves in the market and provide the best solutions available to their customers. Everything that makes us different is designed to help customers eliminate risk from their projects. The less risk a customer believes is associated with a project, the more comfortable and confident they will be moving forward – not only in the vendor they are selecting but also in the partner who presented them with the solution.

With unmatched next generation migration technology, Cloudficient is revolutionizing the way businesses retire legacy systems and transform their organization into the cloud. Our business constantly remains focused on client needs and creating product offerings that match them. We provide affordable services that are scalable, fast and seamless.

If you would like to learn more about how to bring Cloudficiency to your migration project, visit our website, or contact us.

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