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How eDiscovery in Office 365 Can Help Your Legal Team

Today's legal teams face many challenges, from complex litigation to data privacy concerns. To meet these challenges, ...

Today's legal teams face many challenges, from complex litigation to data privacy concerns. To meet these challenges, legal teams need a comprehensive eDiscovery solution that can manage data efficiently and securely. eDiscovery in Office 365 provides a centralized platform that is compliant with federal rules and easy to use.

Concentrated bearded young man using laptop while his friends studying togetherOffice 365 eDiscovery Centralizes Discovery Management

Without a centralized platform, the eDiscovery process can quickly become an overwhelming ordeal. Your legal team would need to check individual apps to find all the data they need. It only takes someone forgetting one platform for you to find yourself dealing with lost data or building a case that is missing essential components.

Office 365 simplifies and centralizes the process, so you can complete one search and handle everything in one location. Centralization also prevents employees from wasting time switching between various apps. Finally, you can feel confident that it integrates well with the rest of your Microsoft Office suite.

eDiscovery in Office 365 Is Compliant With Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern how to conduct eDiscovery in the United States. These rules are constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest changes. Office 365 eDiscovery is compliant with FRCP, so you can be confident that your legal team is following the latest rules and regulations.

There are also ethical obligations when it comes to electronic discovery. For example, attorneys have to respect confidentiality, and one party should not obstruct the other's access to data relevant to the case.

eDiscovery Reduces the Cost of Data Storage and Organization

Data storage and organization are a significant challenge for many legal teams. With Office 365 eDiscovery, you can store data in the cloud and access it anywhere. Cloud access eliminates the need for expensive on-premise IT infrastructure. Because of the central organization feature for eDiscovery in Office 365, it's easy to find what you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

This solution is helpful for larger law offices, and organizations with legal teams, where attorneys might travel between locations. For example, a senior partner may work at one place in California and another in Nevada. Remote and affordable access to data makes it possible to continue working on cases regardless of physical location.

eDiscovery Simplifies Role Management and Access Management

Another challenge for legal teams is managing roles and permissions. With Office 365 eDiscovery, you can easily add or remove users from the platform. This makes it easy to control who has access to sensitive data so that legal teams can work remotely without sacrificing security.

Role management and access management play a crucial role in ensuring confidentiality. Accidental disclosures or unauthorized access could have devastating impacts on the case.

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eDiscovery in Office 365 Eliminates the Need for Expensive On-Premise IT

On-premise IT infrastructure can be expensive, especially if you need to scale up your eDiscovery capabilities. With Office 365 eDiscovery, you can eliminate this cost.

The reduced need for physical infrastructure can save your company thousands of dollars in rented space. In some cases, you might do away with a large office altogether.

Cloud eDiscovery Is Easy To Scale as You Expand the Legal Team

As your legal team grows, you'll need to expand your eDiscovery capabilities. With Office 365 eDiscovery, this is easy to do. Adding more storage and users is easy when you need to expand.

That helps keep up with the demands of a growing legal team. Scalability is another feature of eDiscovery in Office 365 that makes it easy for attorneys to move between offices without losing access to case data.

Cloud eDiscovery Protects Legal Data Better Than Other Alternatives

Data security is a significant concern for legal teams. With Office 365 eDiscovery, you can be confident that your data is safe. Microsoft encrypts data in transit and at rest to ensure total security. You can access it from anywhere, so you never have to worry about losing data.

Protecting data involves more than just blocking unauthorized access. There are also concerns related to natural disasters. For example, law offices in wildfire zones benefit immensely from backing up data and having cloud access.

The Bottom Line

With Office 365, legal teams can save time and money while protecting client data better than ever before. Do you have a current subscription? Has your business already migrated to the cloud? If you say no to either of these questions, it's time to reach out to Cloudficient.

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