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6 Things To Know About Cloud eDiscovery

When it comes to cloud eDiscovery, you likely feel pressured to make the best decision for your business. There are a ...

When it comes to cloud eDiscovery, you likely feel pressured to make the best decision for your business. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as scalability, accessibility, security and privacy. Knowing what to plan for can improve your implementation process and help your legal team get the most out of your chosen software.

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud eDiscovery allows for a more efficient and streamlined discovery process, as it eliminates the need for on-premises hardware and software.
  • Cloud eDiscovery solutions offer greater accessibility and collaboration, as it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device, and allows for real-time file sharing and collaboration.
  • Cloud eDiscovery benefits legal teams by offering economies of scale, as it eliminates the need for costly IT expenses and unexpected repairs.
  • Cloud eDiscovery solutions are more secure, as it takes advantage of the latest security features and technologies, and data is backed up and replicated in multiple secure data centers.
  • When considering a cloud eDiscovery solution, it is important to ensure compliance with all applicable privacy laws and regulations, as well as consider factors such as integration with existing software, cost, user-friendliness and compliance with regulations.

What Is Cloud eDiscovery?

This process involves identifying and preserving electronically stored information, or ESI, in preparation for litigation. Sometimes, the

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 entities involved in the legal case need to use eDiscovery to discover evidence on their own systems. At other times, law offices use the system to store and organize the data they gathered on each case.

What Are the 6 Main Things To Know About Cloud eDiscovery?

Before you decide whether to migrate your discovery process to the cloud, it's a good idea to identify the benefits and challenges. With that goal in mind, here are the six top things you should know about eDiscovery in the cloud.

1. Everything Is More Scalable in the Cloud

As your business grows, you can add more users and data to your cloud-based eDiscovery solution without worrying about hardware limitations. The cloud is also more scalable in terms of features and functionality. Whether you're handling one case as part of a lawsuit or you have a law office handling several cases, you can expand or downsize as needed.

2. The Cloud Offers Greater Accessibility

Your data is never out of reach with a cloud-based eDiscovery solution. You can access your data from anywhere, at any time and on any device. This is especially helpful if you need to review data while away from the office. You can also share files and collaborate with others in real-time, which makes the cloud an excellent option for discovery teams.

3. Legal Teams Benefit From Cloud Economies of Scale

Cloud eDiscovery offers economies of scale that benefit legal teams of all sizes. When you move to the cloud, you no longer have to worry about the high costs of maintaining on-premises hardware and software. You also don't have to worry about unexpected IT expenses, such as data center repairs or upgrades.

4. Cloud Computing Is More Secure

Despite common misconceptions, cloud computing is more secure than on-premises solutions. With a cloud-based eDiscovery solution, you can take advantage of the latest security features and technologies. You also have peace of mind knowing your data is backed up and replicated in multiple secure data centers.

5. You Need To Address Privacy Concerns

When you move to the cloud, you must ensure you comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. This includes ensuring that your cloud provider has the proper security measures to protect your data. You likely also need to plan how you'll respond to data requests from government agencies or third parties. Note that, because of these concerns, some clients might not want you to store their data in the cloud at all.

6. There Are Several Cloud eDiscovery Options

When it comes to cloud-based eDiscovery, you have several options, such as using Microsoft Purview. When choosing the right fit for your business, consider the following:

  • Integration with your existing software
  • Cost of the platform
  • User-friendliness of the system
  • Compliance with applicable regulations

If you'd like to find out more about bringing cloudficiency to your project, reach out to us.

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Why Microsoft Might Be The Best eDiscovery Option?

Microsoft offers one of the best cloud eDiscovery solution because it's scalable, secure and compliant with all applicable regulations. For small and medium businesses it offers a great set of features. In addition, Microsoft integrates with your existing Office 365 software, making it easy to get started with eDiscovery.

If your organization has complex requirements or is a large organization, consider our Expireon solution.

The exact features you get access to depend on the subscription you choose. There are three main tiers; some become accessible with specific Office 365 subscriptions. For example, a Microsoft 365 E5 or Office 365 E5 subscription provides access to the premium version. In contrast, an Office 365 Education A1 subscription only allows access to the basic version.

Take a look at some of the available features:

  • Placing content locations on legal hold
  • Legal hold notifications
  • Transparency of long-running jobs
  • Collection of statistics and reports
  • Error remediation
  • Optical character recognition

How Can Cloudficient Help You Access Cloud eDiscovery?

Cloudficient can help you access Office 365 eDiscovery by helping you move to the cloud. This includes migrating your email, documents and other files. Our migration specialists take special care during the process to ensure data preservation and privacy protection. We also make it our goal to avoid disruptions to business operations.

Are you ready to begin your migration process so that you can access cloud eDiscovery? Our specialists are standing by to answer any questions you might have. Contact us to get started.

With unmatched next generation migration technology, Cloudficient is revolutionizing the way businesses retire legacy systems and transform their organization into the cloud. Our business constantly remains focused on client needs and creating product offerings that match them. We provide affordable services that are scalable, fast and seamless.  

If you would like to learn more about how to bring Cloudficiency to your migration project, visit our website, or contact us.

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