Legacy Data Challenges with Microsoft Purview?

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Legacy data and the limits of Microsoft's Purview Compliance Suite

In this white paper you’ll find out about:
  • How Does Microsoft Purview Compliance Fit into The Office 365 Big Picture? 
  • Keeping Purview Clean & Tidy
  • Keeping Purview eDiscovery Search Fast & Usable 
  • Relying on Purview Without Becoming Dependable – The Alternative! 
  • How Cloudficient Can Help
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You want to make Microsoft Compliance Center the focal point of your e-Discovery platform? You have come to the right place.

At Cloudficient we are experts when it comes to email compliance & migration

  • Microsoft Compliance Center Integration
  • Microsoft Exchange Journaling & Compliance
  • Microsoft Office 365 Onboarding & Migration
  • Intelligent data retention and right-sized e-Discovery of mail data

With Expireon, we also provide an intelligent retention platform especially for Microsoft Journal data, that is intelligent, and cost effective.

It directly integrates with Microsoft Compliance Center, so you can easily discover the data from your legacy archives or keep your journal infrastructure in place.

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Why Expireon is Important to You

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