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What Is Windows 365 and How Will It Help Your Company?

Prior to 2020, many employees envisioned a world of working 100% from home or anywhere in the world. After a year of ...

Prior to 2020, many employees envisioned a world of working 100% from home or anywhere in the world. After a year of remote work reaching record highs, employees have found that they actually miss the office — just not enough to return full-time. Microsoft reports that while 73% of workers want to maintain flexible and remote work options, 67% want to experience more in-person teamwork when it is safe to do so. This creates a hybrid work environment, which is exactly what Windows 365 was built to address.

What Is Windows 365?

This new addition to Microsoft’s software portfolio allows workers to experience a cloud version of Windows 10. When Windows 11 should also be available via Windows 365. It mirrors the same data, settings and apps from your Microsoft devices so you can experience the full Windows ecosystem on another personal or corporate device. Microsoft is calling it the “Cloud PC.”

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Windows 365 can bring cloud computing to a whole new level. It is almost reminiscent of the Chromebook experience, which makes it easy for users to move between devices and access the same data via one email log-in. Now, even Chromebook users can experience Windows 365 on the road. Microsoft promises that it will support Linux devices, iPads, Macs and Androids.

Pretty young woman holding colorful social media icons balloonWhat Are the Organizational Benefits of Windows 365?

Of course, the Cloud PC sounds great on paper, but is it worth investing in for your organization? What actual benefits does it bring to the table?


Microsoft products generally do not translate well across operating systems. For example, the Microsoft Office app for Chromebooks generally has fewer features and more restrictions. The Cloud PC eliminates that, which allows for much greater flexibility in the workplace and while working away from the office. It also makes it easier for workers to pick up where they left off from wherever they are, without bringing hard drives and other devices everywhere they go.


Some companies love Microsoft Office software but want to use Apple hardware. Now, they can get the best of both worlds with no compromises. It also improves flexibility for companies allowing remote workers to bring their own devices. In fact, Microsoft is encouraging app developers to create cloud versions of existing apps to function via the Cloud PC. This will create the ultimate hybrid workspace that Microsoft has in mind.


Never again will you need to complete an entire system upgrade to get the best of Microsoft. Companies can simply use the Cloud PC. This makes it easier to pivot as new economic or social realities force companies to adapt to unexpected changes. For example, if you needed to shut down operations due to an on-site emergency, it would be easy for workers to continue working from remote devices with no hiccups.


Opening up the workspace to more devices and connection points would make any manager concerned about cybersecurity. Microsoft uses zero-trust architecture to secure the connection so that information is stored on the cloud and never the devices in use. It also has provisions for other security options, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication and Microsoft Defender.

How Can You Get Windows 365?

Access to the Cloud PC begins with migrating your organization to the cloud. This opens up a wealth of cloud computing options that expand beyond Windows 365. There are several other Microsoft apps and platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, that are only available to companies that have migrated to the cloud.

Once you migrate to the cloud, Microsoft offers two sets of plans for you to choose from. There is one set of plans for small and medium businesses and another for enterprise customers. Regardless of which set of plans you choose, prices vary from $31 to $66 per user per month. The variations in prices primarily come down to the virtual CPU and RAM. All plans provide 128 GB of storage.

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