Ecosystem Approach

Expireon is built to be a “supporting actor” to the legal team’s favorite tools. No matter if you are using a full featured Cloud archive such as Proofpoint Archive, Smarsh or Global Relay or one of the market leading case management or forensic applications (Relativity, Nuix) we have you covered.


Cloud Archives - Reduced Migration and Data Management Fees

When deciding for a full featured cloud archive, many organizations focus on functionality and monthly subscription costs. Many of them are shell-shocked when seeing the cost of migration and the excessive data management fees attached to the onboarding of legacy data,

Expireon saves customers up to 60% of the migration cost, by putting the existing data on a “right-sized” tier, while using the Cloud archive only for the most recent data.

That roughly translates to a 50% saving in the first year and 40% over 5-year period.

ROI Calculator

Request a free personalized ROI calculation for your organization and find how much you could save with Expireon. 

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Working With The Legal Ecosystem

And in this role, we have decided to leave a major part of the EDRM stage to them, while focusing on the “left-side of EDRM”. That means, that you do not need to learn a complex new application and can use the platforms you already have for Processing, Reviewing and Analyzing the data relevant to your case.

If you work with an outside legal counsel, you are much quicker to send them the information, because our export functionality is up to 20x faster than extracting data from legacy systems. Best of all: If you use our Intelligent retention option, you can streamline the result set by excluding the noise (newsletters, auto-replies, mass mailings). That’s a time saver for your legal team and a tangible cost saving, when paying for the volume of data reviewed by managed e-Discovery providers or outside counsel.

Using Microsoft Office 365 Compliance Center with Expireon

Expireon offers “Direct-delivery” into a temporary mailbox under the supervision of Microsoft O365 Compliance Center. There is no faster option for proving your legal team with the relevant Journal data from your legacy archive.