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What Are the Benefits of Taking Notes on OneNote?

There are many ways to document information or take notes, so why should you use Microsoft’s OneNote? This digital ...

There are many ways to document information or take notes, so why should you use Microsoft’s OneNote? This digital note-taking application allows you to take notes on your computer, phone or tablet. You can access your notes from anywhere and they sync across your devices. Take a look at the other benefits to determine whether this is the right option for your business.

OneNote Provides Modern Visuals

IGroup of students in class taking notesf you're used to taking notes on pen and paper, the visual interface of OneNote will be very appealing. The software makes it easy to drag and drop images, create tables and format text the way you want. You can also add audio and video recordings to your notes. It can be helpful if you want to include a meeting recording or record a workshop. Finally, modern visuals are more intuitive and make it easier to navigate the software.

There's No Need To Digitize Your Notes

This app recognizes handwritten notes and converts them to text. That is helpful if you want to take notes on paper but still want the ability to search through them electronically. You can also scan hand-drawn diagrams and insert them into your notes. Employees may find this especially helpful during collaborative brainstorming efforts where some teammates prefer to have brain dumps on paper.

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You Can Share Your Notes

OneNote makes it easy to share your notes with others. You can invite people to view or edit your notes, making collaboration and brainstorming easier. It also simplifies working on projects together, whether teammates need to do this simultaneously or step by step. In addition, sharing notes makes it easy to receive feedback.

You Can Move Between Devices

This software works across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. That means you can take notes on your computer at work, sync them to your phone before you leave and access them on your tablet at home. Hybrid workers can leverage this feature to keep track of their work as they move between spaces and devices.

Microsoft Protects Your Notes

Security is always a primary concern when storing business information in the cloud. OneNote uses the same security features as other Microsoft products. These include data encryption, user authentication and activity monitoring. You can also password-protect individual notebooks. Additionally, you can still take advantage of these security features when using the app for personal notes.

OneNote Is Free To Use

It's a great option for businesses on a tight budget. You can also purchase additional storage if you need it. The free to low cost also makes it easy to try the software and see if it's a good fit for your business before committing to a more expensive solution. Considering the cost of collaborative software, using this free option whenever possible could save your business thousands of dollars annually.

OneNote Integrates with Other Microsoft Products

Cloud Migration CTAIf your business already uses other Microsoft products, you'll be happy to know that it integrates with them. For example, you can insert Outlook tasks into your notes. You can also embed Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. That makes it easy to refer to important information or data without switching between applications.

Organizing Data Is a Breeze

If you've ever tried to organize a large amount of data, you know how difficult it can be. This app can help by allowing you to create notebooks and divide them into sections and pages. You can also tag your notes, which makes it easy to find specific information later. The software offers a variety of templates that can get you started.

It's a Flexible Tool for Workers

OneNote is a versatile tool that workers can tailor to fit their needs. Whether you're taking simple notes or working on a complex project, it can help you get the job done. Before implementing it, managers should take time to determine how different teams can use it to simplify work processes and improve productivity.

You Don't Need Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft's best tools and features tend to require migrating to the cloud. OneNote has a built-in cloud feature that works across devices, whether you have an Office 365 subscription or not. Even so, upgrading to the full cloud experience unlocks the ability to integrate the app with more Microsoft tools.

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