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How Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Helps Organizations Grow

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability helps your organization grow while contributing to global sustainability efforts. It ...

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability helps your organization grow while contributing to global sustainability efforts. It represents decades of innovation from Microsoft to support its green initiatives and the sustainability journeys of the companies that rely on its services. What is this service and how can it grow your organization?

tree growing from the earth over a white backgroundWhat Is Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability?

This cloud service provides professionals with the tools they need to help their organizations grow sustainably. It connects people, resources and data so businesses can make better decisions about their environmental impact. It helps companies chart sustainable paths to higher productivity, efficiency and profitability levels.

It also offers resources to help businesses move to the cloud, making it easier than ever before to access essential tools. To achieve this, Microsoft partnered with services around the world. These partnerships provided a rich electronic ecosystem of environmental, social and governance tools.

How Does This Boost Global Sustainability Efforts?

The service sounds great on paper, but how does it help companies achieve sustainability goals? Ultimately, that depends on the goals and where the companies are on their eco-friendly journey. Even so, here are some general advantages.

Centralized and Intelligent Data

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability gives users a streamlined platform to access all the data needed to make informed decisions about a company's environmental impact. Access to information is critical as sustainability efforts become more complex and companies must track and report on various metrics.

Better Connections

The service also connects users with others working on sustainability initiatives. Connections are invaluable for sharing best practices, identifying new opportunities and building partnerships. Strategic partnerships can drastically reduce the cost and frustrations around navigating sustainability alone. This, in turn, boosts progress.

Reduced Dependence on Material Items

When companies migrate to the cloud, the organization shifts to a more digital era. Digitization reduces the need for printers, paper, ink and other physical items. It can even reduce the need for physical offices and the construction activities that create them. One Forbes article explained that digitization does result in some e-waste. However, as more companies transition to green energy, this could become less of a problem.

How Does Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Grow Your Business?

Most business owners would love to focus on sustainability, but there is often a compromise needed between productivity and green initiatives. How exactly can sustainability efforts contribute to growth?


This service can help you work more efficiently and effectively by making it easier to access the data and resources you need. This means you can free up time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business. More efficient work processes also contribute to more productive teams.


Customers are increasingly interested in supporting eco-friendly companies. Younger consumers are especially focused on sustainable options. In 2015, one study found that 73% of millennials would pay more for sustainable products. Then, in 2020, another study found that 73% of Gen Z consumers would also pay more for sustainable products.

Employee Engagement

Millennials and Gen Z have now taken over the workforce and have taken their eco-friendly preferences into the workplace. Companies that support green initiatives will likely find it easier to attract innovative and creative workers who are passionate about what they do.


In today's world, companies are under more scrutiny than ever before. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability can help you build a positive reputation as a business that cares about the environment. Crafting a better image can improve your relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Resources Independence

Most green initiatives require independent action, such as recycling water or installing solar. While these systems often have high upfront costs, they save the company money in the long term that it can invest in other aspects of the business. Independence also protects it from downturns in the market, such as high energy costs or water consumption cuts.

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How Can Cloudficient Help You Access Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability?

The product went live on June 1st, 2022 and will likely have a profound impact on sustainability efforts around the world. However, as its name implies, it is only available to cloud customers of Microsoft. If you have not yet migrated to the cloud, this is the first obstacle you will need to overcome.

Cloud migration often seems daunting, especially for companies that have used legacy systems for decades. Our team has successfully handled complex migrations with no incident. We work closely with you to determine the best times and methods for migration.

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