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Microsoft To Limit Number of Open Tabs on Windows 11

Multitasking is a way of life for some workers, and typically Microsoft has made it easy to achieve. Users could have ...

Multitasking is a way of life for some workers, and typically Microsoft has made it easy to achieve. Users could have multiple applications, screens and tabs open and switch between them quickly to navigate back and forth between different programs to create a unique workflow in Windows 11. That's changing, however, and users will soon find themselves facing some limits when it comes to those open tabs and applications.

microsoft windows-2The New Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft recently released a new Windows build, and as with most updates, there are changes both in front and behind the scenes. The new limit on tabs is actually both. In previous versions of Windows, you could use ALT + TAB to scroll through all of your open apps and tabs, no matter how many were open.

In the new release of Windows 11, when you go to the "Multitasking" area of the computer's settings, you'll see that you only have the option to tab through the 20 most recent applications and screens. This limit is new and may come as a disadvantage to very active users. The limit also applies to the Snap Assist feature as you're trying to organize different windows on the screen.

Why the Limit?

While accessing all tabs was a useful feature for people who needed to access a lot of programs or pages very quickly, it came with a cost. The computer had to use a significant amount of memory and CPU power to keep all of those tabs and programs active and responsive. As users opened more and more things, the system became slower, impacting overall usability and stability.

It may seem like an automatic negative for Microsoft to remove or restrict a feature, but this move could have positive impacts. First, it will help users who have older or less powerful devices, since their machines will run more smoothly. Second, it can reduce the amount of clutter a user deals with as they work. While some people love to have a ton of things open, others may just forget to close an application and the open program slows them down as they try to get stuff done.

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It's also worth noting that the tab limit may not be a big problem for many Windows 11 users. Although 20 is much less than "unlimited," it's likely you won't hit that limit. A study of one Fortune 500 company found that most workers used an average of 22 programs throughout the day, but not necessarily at the same time. If this is about your average and you close just two programs that have limited use, you'll still be within the limit without seeing an impact on performance.

What If You Need a Lot of Apps?

If you find that 20 apps or tabs still isn't enough for you or members of your team, what can you do? To start, keep in mind that 20 is the limit of open tabs you can scroll through at once, not a limit on how many apps you can have in total on your Windows 11 device or a limitation on what you can use in a day. You can still use all the apps you need and then some, but you can only ALT + TAB through the first 20. The rest will have to be reopened.

Next, try to work on effective app management. While every program serves a purpose, be conscientious about what apps are needed when and close the ones you don't need to use anymore. You can also try to schedule app use by the time of day. For instance, if you know you need a certain app to sign in to your system in the morning, use it, then close it for the rest of the day.

It's also a good idea to use combined programs or web apps when possible. Many common programs have online versions that work very well. You could open your email, word processor and a spreadsheet all in your browser, reducing the overall number of programs you need open at any given time. If there are any other systems that can be consolidated, it's worth exploring the options.

How Do You Get the Latest Windows 11 Update?

Right now, this latest update to the operating system is still in preview mode. Most of the people who have access to it are developers and other insiders who are able to test the new features and report on them to make sure they work as they should. It may be a while before the full update, including the tab limit, is rolled out to every user.

When that happens, make sure all computers in your network get updated properly, and you'll be able to enjoy the resource savings that come with fewer programs open on your computers. Not only will you get the new features, but you will likely also get important security updates to keep your system safe.

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Get Help Finding the Best Ways To Use Windows 11

While this change may take some getting used to, most users and companies will be able to handle the new limit on tabs relatively well. If you need help making sure your team has all the updated software it needs, let Cloudficient help. We are experts at helping clients evaluate their systems and migrating your data to updated cloud platforms that offer more power and efficiency

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