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Office 365 Onboarding

Do you want a faster return on your Office 365 investment? Do you want a tailored onboarding process that reflects your business, technical and project specific requirements?


An onboarding process that is as transparent as possible to your users and business processes? Also, one delivered “as a Service” with a fixed price and a fixed outcome?

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Data Migration

Legacy Data (Archive) Migration

Moving data between different systems is always a challenge for user transparency, for Chain-of-Custody, and your business.


Utilizing our gained expertise in helping and delivering some of the most significant legacy archive migration projects in the world, we use the approaches, techniques, and lessons learned and apply it to other data sources as FileServers, Legacy or Custom Applications.


Do you need to Migrate Enterprise Vault or other archive system data into the cloud or to another on-prem system? Do you need to perform a storage migration and stay in your current system? Do you need to migrate a legacy data to Office 365 or Azure?

Consultancy and Advisory Services

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities to understand both, the business and the technical challenges.  We provide the expertise to take your project to the next level.

At cloudficient, we combine our insights and skills to transform your thinking, your processes, and strategies.

Do you need help with an RFP or with vendor selection? Do you need a neutral 3rd party opinion or do you have a custom challenge to solve?


We’re happy to help!

Custom Development

Sometimes, there is just no suitable solution on the market to solve your data migration or sovereignty problem. Do you want to retire an existing legacy application? Do you need enterprise grade software which is performant, auditable, and compliant to solve a specific issue?


Talk to us about your challenge!

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