Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Network

For the past few months, you haven't heard much news from me and cloudficient. After we sold our IP last summer to TransVault, the whole team was busy transitioning everything, making sure that no knowledge got lost and the TransVault organization became comfortable with the set of products and ideas/visions behind them. Now, this phase is over, and the TransVault team has completely taken over. 

Besides developing the platform, did you know we also helped many companies around the globe to onboard users and their repositories to Office 365? Enterprise Customers and mostly System-Integrators, Storage-Vendors or MSFT Partners involved us in their projects because we've been able to target the specific customer's project requirements, while still using a high degree of automation to increase the ROI on the customer's cloud investment and to deliver the project on time and budget. 

Additionally, we've also solved a few of our customers' challenges through custom development and migrated hundreds of TBs of archived data. 

As you might know, cloudficient was so far primarily a software company, "forced" by the market to also deliver the operational services. While product development is still an essential part of cloudficient (we are already planning "the next big thing..."; more about this soon in a separate article!), I feel that it's time for an additional step in cloudficient's value creation chain.

What's next? Well, there is exciting news:

cloudficient extends to the US and forms a dedicated Service Delivery Branch to be able to cope with the growing demand for Cloud On-Boarding and Data-Migration-Services to the Microsoft Clouds! We have incorporated our US-Subsidiary, which will go fully operational, beginning of Q3/2019. (Watch out for vacancies, which will be published soon.)

As we experienced a lot of market attention for the thus far delivered services, especially from US-Partners and Enterprise Customers, this is a necessary step to address the market's demand and ensure quality, fast response times and scale for future projects around the globe. 

cloudficient Inc. is a 100% daughter of our Swiss entity and will deliver (fully managed) data migration and onboarding projects to Office 365 for larger end-customers and partners for a fixed price - with a guaranteed fixed outcome. Additionally, we will be able to offer capex and opex based projects. Even "pay-as-you-go" will be possible!

The extension to the US also brings a substantial personal change with it. My wife and I will move to Rochester, New York! Karin has accepted a professorship at the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). We've found a beautiful place to live at one of the finger lakes. We're both very much looking forward to this new chapter of our life :)

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Peter Kozak



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