Cloud Native Technologies

Expireon is built to be deployed in a dynamic, virtualized cloud environment. It makes extensive use of Platform as a Service (PaaS) compute infrastructure and managed services as the model of operation.

The underlying compute infrastructure is “replaceable” - provisioned in minutes and resized, scaled, or destroyed on demand – via Cloudficient’s ReMAD automation framework.

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Open Source

Expireon’s technology stack is built on the most prominent Open-Source frameworks. This gives us the scalability and reliability that proprietary solutions struggle to deliver. In combination with our agile development approach, it helps us to deliver a much higher speed of innovation, while several abstraction layers (containers, micro-services) reduce the dependencies on a single component.

Industry Standards

For all parts of the product, we use open industry standards such as OAuth2 for authentication and AWS S3 for storage.

We believe that these standards are crucial for the flexibility, interoperability and therefore the sustainability of any modern data management platform.

And they help customers to secure, manage and access the data inside Expireon, regaining the data sovereignty that they have lost with many of the legacy systems.


Open Storage Model

By using these open standards, combined with our mantra of storing data only in its native format, customers have a fully transparent choice of storage platforms for their data. Options include:

  • 3rd party Cloud storage (Azure, AWS, Google, etc.)
  • On-premises storage (CIFS, S3 - EMC ECS, NetApp StorageGrid, Cohesity etc.)
  • Cloudficient S3Complete (Low-cost, high-performance S3 cloud service)

And because we do not want to “hijack” the data, by providing limited APIs or mangling the content into proprietary formats, customers will never pay a “ransom” if they want to migrate out of our platform.