Migrating EV to Office 365? Always Do a Proof of Concept!

Before making any investment doing a full scale migration, why not test the solution with a proof of concept with your users, your environment and your data?

Enterprise Vault Migration Guide

Enterprise Vault Migration Preparation Guide

In our Enterprise Vault Migration Preparation Guide you will find:
    • A review of the top 5 things to consider when migrating from Enterprise Vault to Office 365

    • How you might approach your migration without the use of third party solutions

    • Limitations and challenges of going-it-alone

    • What the archive migration competitive landscape looks like
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If you're thinking of migrating from Enterprise Vault to Office 365, take a look at these useful videos around key things to consider, the migration software landscape, and latest trends. You'll also learn about why we always recommend doing a proof of concept before committing significant business resources on any project.

Simple Migration Template to Automate Your Requirements

 A high level overview of how easy it is to create migration templates (6 mins, 27 secs)

Top 5 Things to Consider when Migrating Enterprise Vault to O365

High level overview for how to approach an Enterprise Vault migration (6 mins, 41 secs)

Enterprise Vault Migration Blog Posts

Here are some blog posts that we've written that will help you see the flexibility and power of our EVComplete solution for migrating from Enterprise Vault to Office 365.


Why It Makes Sense To Migrate Legacy Data To Office 365 Now

Find out the costs associated with maintaining an on-premise Enterprise Vault legacy archive compared with migrating to Office 365

Easy Enterprise Vault Migration To Office 365

Find out how easy it is to migrate from Enterprise Vault to Office 365 using Cloudficient as your migration partner.

Get Migrating Quickly With EVComplete

There are many reasons that make it a super quick process to get migrating with EVComplete.

Hear What Our Customers Think

rabobank white
“It was the flexibility of the solution that delivered such exceptional value, coupled with the scale of what we were able to achieve with limited project resources”
Jacob Kralt, Rabobank
princes white
“We selected Cloudficient as our migration expert of choice due to their personal approach, adaptation to our unique issues and the resulting bespoke solution offer.”
Tim Johnson, Princes Group
“Cloudficient’s approach was professional, efficient and understanding of our problem. From the onset of our project they instilled confidence that they understood the technology, situation at hand and communicated with us during each step of the way.”
Robert E. Mirowicz, Keller & Heckman
"We selected Cloudficient as our migration partner after doing a proof of concept with their solution, with our users, and in our environment. The results were exactly as we required and they promised!"
David Meer, Keshet

Why consider Cloudficient to help with your project?

Industry Leadership

Cloudficient is a Microsoft Gold partner with over 100+ years of team experience around Enterprise Vault; Founders architected other leading archive migration solutions

Unmatched Technology

EVComplete is the only next generation & pure cloud born migration technology on the market

Enterprise Ready

Pure cloud solution requires very minimal on-premise infrastructure – other solutions typically have a significant hardware footprint

Enterprise Secure

Deployment architecture ensures migration data stays within secure organizational boundaries

Complete Scope

Workflow-based solution covers entire Office 365 onboarding process end-to-end


Will prove our EVComplete solution prior to purchase, at no cost and without commitment –Always do a Proof of Concept!

Flexible Fixed Price

Pay up front (CAPEX) or as you migrate (OPEX) pricing

Fixed Outcome

Dedicated delivery team from start to finish to ensure a successful project

Customer Story

Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking.
Industry - Banking
Products Used - EVComplete and Onboarding 365 Complete
Archive Size - 200+ TB
Number of Users - 70,000 Users ( 49k active users / 20k leavers
Rabobank Building


Retiring your EV archive shouldn’t be the thing that’s holding you back from your digital transformation. With Cloudficient you have an expert by your side – to help you take the leap. 
EVComplete automates and orchestrates all necessary process steps to target the different internal or Office 365 Workloads – Exchange, File Servers, SharePoint or OneDrive – as a target for your Enterprise Vault system that you wish to retire.
With EVComplete you resolve dependencies and progress each user individually through the process. Reduce labor intensive processes and save time.
EVComplete Screenshot
cloud-computing-technology-online-data-storage-business-network-concept (3)

Leavers' Tool

Many large organizations have archives in Enterprise Vault which belong to users who have left the company. This can equate to a sizeable part of the overall space consumed by your legacy archives. Our leavers tool will help you identify these archives so that you can migrate them appropriately.

Not only will it show you traditional ownerless Enterprise Vault archives, but you can optionally include archives where the Active Directory account is hidden, or disabled, or the account is in a particular OU or belong to a particular group.