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Transforming Legacy Data Migration.

To migrate data from systems which should be replaced but are still accessed by users requires thoughtful planning and execution to ensure maximum transparency, a proper chain-of-custody and a  coexistence period of the new and old system, usually as short as possible.


A successful migration project includes more than just moving an item from A to B; often the orchestration of the surrounding processes cause the real pain.


Data migration projects such as archive migrations have always been at risk of unexpected costs and unmet expectations. Project prices frequently flex up as the solution provider realizes the complexity of the project, and the outcome and project timeline is often in doubt.  


We want to stop this!

What Data Migrations can be Performed?

We specialize in all kinds of Archive Migrations and potential application retirements. Do you need to move data from EnterpriseVault, SourceOne, Metalogix or any other archiving system to Exchange or  Office 365?  Do you want to stay on a system like EnterpriseVault but need to replace your storage and perform a storage migration? Do you want to migrate File-System-Archiving Data?


We use our workflow-based data migration platform service to produce the desired workflow, including all process steps graphically and without having to script or code.


Due to automation and automatic dependency handling, the platform also allows us to deliver your migration project faster with less operational resources, and thus lower project costs.



Migration as a Service?

As we collected a vast amount of experience in hundreds of onboarding and migration projects, we are so confident about our service, that we can offer you a whole managed service for your migration project for a fixed price per user - with a guaranteed fixed outcomeWe cover the project risk for you!


We offer capex and opex based projects - even "pay as you go"
is possible.


Our services are typically bought by System Integrators, Storage Vendors and Microsoft Partners,  which outsource their (archive) data migration projects to us or by end-customers with a data volume to migrate larger than 10TB.  The largest project we were involved in was a 720TB e-mail archive migration.


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