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Challenges Migrating Large Journal Archives to the Cloud?

In this white paper you’ll find out more about:

  • The problems of managing and maintaining 2.5 PB of archived data
  • The risks associated with moving to new proprietary, vendor locked-in technologies
  • How Expireon can rapidly extract this legacy data into native format and give a compelling ROI to your business

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Take Control & Efficiently Expire Legacy Data! 

Expireon enables enterprise organizations to manage legacy data during enterprise transformation projects.
With a combination of long‐term retention and disposition capabilities along with data delivery on demand to desired eDiscovery targets, Expireon enables faster time to ROI when retiring legacy systems while expiring or transitioning data in the most cost‐efficient way possible!

What Is Expireon?

Expireon is a unique approach to information storage for large enterprises. Take control of your data today, and get a compelling return on investment.
Open Platform

Use the latest cloud technologies for scalability, flexibility and performance

Expireon is the platform for the cloud age. Leverage the backend storage system of your choice.

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Digital Transformation

Built-in migration and data onboarding enables IT & Enterprise Transformation

Expireon is built on the same ReMAD platform as our family of migration tools. Therefore customers get all the options for archive migration fully integrated with the data retention platform.

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Intelligent Retention

Identify risks, reduce the noise - with indexing, categorization and machine learning

We have designed Expireon not only to manage your legacy data, but also to understand the risk and value of each item. By evaluating the information itself, customers get insights into risks, reduce the volume of data under retention and feed other business processes.

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Right-sized e-Discovery

Identify, preserve & collect the relevant data with unparalleled simplicity and speed.

Only Expireon is designed to provide an e-Discovery mechanism that works hand-in hand with existing tools, while delivering up 20x the export performance of other solutions.

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Ecosystem Approach
Don’t replace your existing tools and processes – make them better.
Expireon is a team player. Instead of giving legal teams “another tool”, we complement and enhance the ones they already own by providing “On-Demand Delivery” of relevant data to the platform of choice.

Take Control of Journal Archives!

Cloudficient has developed a novel solution to long‐term archive transformation that enables complete data control and technology agility while providing a compelling ROI.  

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Instead of migrating everything to a Cloud Archive solution, Expireon rapidly migrates and stages all data in the cloud or on‐premise storage of your choice.   Furthermore, it delivers priority data based on custodian(s), time, or a combination thereof, on‐demand to the search target of choice for further eDiscovery management.

Expireon provides organizations with the ability to store historical data in a neutral repository, enabling the freedom to choose what data needs to be made available for eDiscovery solutions and when.  The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to store legacy data, can be lowered by 50% while maintaining full data fidelity and chain of custody.  In opposition to traditional migrations methods, the data never needs to be migrated again and may be safely expired.

Expireon puts businesses firmly in control of legacy data while reducing costs and time associated with migrating and processing into new systems, now and in the future.   

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